One of the most important responsibilities as a dog owner is making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and interaction with humans and other dogs.  All dogs, whatever breed and whatever size they do benefit greatly from regular exercise which provides not only a physical benefit but vital mental stimulation too.

Is it right for you & your dog?

Whilst some dogs can stay home happy just sleeping and relaxing all day, some dogs just need that extra stimulation. Perhaps you’re working a long shift or out for the day. We can offer a pop-in visit or a group dog walk.

How to tell if your dog needs either pop-in visit or a group dog walk?

  • Coming home to dog mess
  • Neighbours informing you of excessive barking
  • Stressed out dog
  • Sad or distant dog
  • Excessive chewing of toys/furniture

If you answer yes to any of the above, we would highly recommend either a pop-in visit or a group dog walk.

What to expect on a group dog walk with us?

Our group dog walks which are available in all weather conditions are safe and, in your dog’s, best interests. They are looked after as if they were our own.

We will collect them on the day of the group walk from your home, safely transport them to a safe and secure local area in and around Evesham. If you live in Evesham, you will know that there are many beautiful parks, woodlands and open countryside which your dog will enjoy playtime, training and socialization with other dogs.

Popular questions & Concerns

My dog can’t walk on a lead!

Don’t worry this is all part of the dog training process, not only we walk your dogs we also help them to walk on a lead and if safe to do so let them off the lead. We are highly trained dog walkers and know that different dogs have all sorts of personalities and should be treated as individuals.

My dog will run away when not on a lead!

This is a normal scenario and worries for dog owners. however, rest assured that only when we are 100% confident will they be let off the lead; this is all part of the dog walking experience. We are highly trained to deal with this.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs

To be able to join us on group dog walks they do need to get along with the other dogs, If you feel your dog will more be suited from solo dog walks then please get in touch. We will do our very best to accommodate them.

Before your dog’s first-ever walk with us we will ask lots of questions and pop over so we can meet them, this is so we get the very best insight to understanding your dog’s needs and what is best for them.

What happens after the dog walk?

We drop your pet back home content and fulfilled. We top up their water and give them a little rub down if they are wet. We also give them a little treat to settle down with.

How much does it cost?

As little as £17 per dog. 

Have multiple dogs? An extra dog from same household is £13. If you feel your dog could benefit from one of our Evesham group dog walks, then please get in touch below.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog

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